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eMotion ST is the mixer part of the SoundGrid Studio system. Combined with StudioRack, it lets you run SoundGrid plugins for low-latency monitoring, giving you complex monitor mixing options while recording with your DAW.

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Paiement sécurisé par connexion SSL / Secured payment via SSL connction

eMotion ST is a high-quality mixer with 8 multi-purpose inputs, 64 additional StudioRack input channels, 2 FX busses, 6 mix busses, and a main stereo mix. Since the mixer operates within the SoundGrid network, any available SoundGrid-compatible I/O device, whether hardware or driver-based, can provide it with inputs and outputs.

The eMotion ST mixer can run hundreds of Waves and third-party SoundGrid-compatible plugins in low latency, replacing in this respect the external mixer traditionally used to create monitor mixes for studios and headphones.

• 8 multi-purpose mono/stereo input channels
• 2 stereo FX aux buss/returns and 6 stereo aux buss/returns
• Up to 64 mono channel feeds from Studio
• Rack plugins 8 insert slots per channel for SoundGrid plugins
• Connects to multiple SoundGrid-compatible devices and hosts
• Compliant with SoundGrid-compatible Waves and third-party plugins
• Fully integrates with StudioRack
• Enables use of SoundGrid plugins as standalone processors for any purpose

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Type Logiciel
Application Enregistrement, Mixage, Live
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