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Rack mount standalone analog Vu meters

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  • Aurora Audio Vu mètres

    19" 2RU rackable 4 channel stand-alone Vu meter panel  2U rackable pour 4 canaux (also available in dual channel on demand). The Sifam Vu meters are backlighted by LED and the I/O cables on XLR or Jack 1/4" connectors are included. 

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  • Crookwwod Stereo Vu meter

    The Crookwood  2U VU meter is designed to be placed in any 2U 19″ space. This excellent large stereo VU meter has a built in attenuator, so no matter how hot your mix or stem is, the VU s will work perfectly.  The VU meters are precision VU s that conform to BS6840:part 17 1991 & IEC268-17:1990, and the attenuator lets them work with signals up to +22dBu.

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  • Purple Audio MFMeters

    Purple Audio MFMeter is a 2 RU offers metering to the MFTwenty summing mixer to complete the modular 500 Series console, comes in two varieties:• Single DB-25 input for use with the MFTwenty 5, with cable.• Three DB-25 stacked input for use with a standard balanced 8 Pair Cables. For use as remote metering for DAW, Tape Machines, 5.1 or 7.1 Metering,...

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