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Thanks to our relationship with Little Labs, we can have your new gear to you in no time. Order now and it will be shipped the same day it’s received from the maker. Contact us for the most accurate lead time.


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The limited edition Lmnopre Microphone Preamplifier is not another reissue of a vintage design, but a totally NEW microphone preamplifer. It not only sounds fantastic, but gives you new options allowing you to explore deeper into the control of sound.

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Paiement sécurisé par connexion SSL / Secured payment via SSL connction
Paiement sécurisé par connexion SSL / Secured payment via SSL connction

• A fully discrete gain stage with up to 74dB of clean, quiet, gain with a maximum level out of 31dB
• A completely differential circuit topology from input to output
• Low frequency resonance control allowing a controlled resonance creating (amongst other things) a tune-able proximity effect without being in close proximity of the microphone.
• Selectable fully variable phase alignment the same circuit topology as the award winning Little Labs IBP phase alignment tool
• Phase alignment/output level trim section line level insert allows you to use the phase align and output attenuator section separately from the mic pre.
• Front panel direct injection system utilizing its own custom xfrmr with two inputs, one passive for use with active instruments, and one active for passive pickups.
• Rear panel external mic input Xfrmr connector allowing optional external mic Input xfrmrs to be selected by the user for special applications.
• Switch selectable post output transformer output level trim allowing controlled transformer saturation without overloading post microphone preamplifier devices.
• Output transformer front panel bypass switch
• Fully discrete gain stage.
• Selectable fully variable phase alignment
• Front/Rear panel XLR in and out. w/ selector
• Phantom, Pad, Polarity

TypeSolid State Preamplifier
CircuitSolid State
Chassis1 U

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Little Labs STD

Litte Labs STD allows you to use long microphone cables or microphone tie lines to extend your guitar or any instrument cable without the loss of tone and increase of noise associated with long instrument cable runs. It also has two outputs for splitting between two amps or between an amp and a direct injection box, with a selectable ground lift on one output to eliminate ground loop problems. The STD is a perfect solution for: the live player who is tired of the tone sucking wireless rigs but still needs to be able to walk more than ten feet from his amp; the studio player who needs his amplifier in isolation, but himself in close proximity to his band mates; the recording engineer using control room rack mounted direct injection boxes with a player located in the studio or isolation booth.


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