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  • ACME Audio Motown DI WB-3

    Recreated by Acme Audio, the new Motown D.I. WB-3 brings the exact character as the original DI box. Modern updates include the improved variable attenuated for high-level input and the custom-made, rugged steel case (the original DIs were built in Aluminum boxes). Owners of the Motown DI will find that it increases sound quality in a marginal acoustic...

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  • ACME Audio Opticom XLA-500

    Acme Audio Mfg. Co. is proud to introduce the OPTICOM XLA-500. Taking inspiration from the acclaimed XLA-3, Acme Audio has painstakingly squeezed the XLA-3's topology into a convenient double-slot 500 series module. 

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  • Acme Opticom XLA-3 MKII

    The Acme Opticom XLA-3 MKII is an optical audio limiter built to exacting military-style specifications, designed to produce a full range of non-linear, dynamic audio effects.

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  • Alta moda AM-25

    The successor to the acclaimed AM-20 equalizer, the Alta Moda Audio AM-25 is a versatile, high-performance four-band parametric equalizer module designed for the 500-series compatible rack system. State-of-the-art low noise/low distortion amplifier technology coupled with simple and elegant signal paths assure a smooth and robust sonic presence.With it's...

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  • Alta Moda AM-30

    The first preamp offering from Alta Moda Audio, the AM-30 is in a class of its own. Not contrived or cloned from other designs, the AM-30 is truly unique in its approach to microphone preamplification.The Class-A transformer-less electronics of the AM-30 are fully discrete and wide bandwidth. Clean at lower gain settings, the AM-30 can be smoothly...

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  • Alta Moda HIPPO

    The Alta Moda Audio Hippo is a high-performance bus compressor designed for the 500-series compatible rack systems. The Hippo is based on a VCA topology made popular in highly successful recording consoles of the 1980's, but includes many modern features not found on typical bus compressors.

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  • Alta Moda UNICOMP

    The Alta Moda Unicomp audio compressor combines the best features of both modern and classic audio compressors into a single, dual-mono unit.  At its heart is a unique gain cell/sidechain combination which gives the Unicomp its own distinctive sonic character.  The Unicomp’s comprehensive set of sidechain features gives it true versatility and accuracy...

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  • Antelope MP32

    Antelope MP32 32-channel Microphone Preamp, integrated software remote control, exciting new approach to analog circuit design perfectly Matching Orion32 Audio Intreface. MP32 is a 32-channel console-grade microphone preamp with integrated software remote control and Antelope Audio's exciting new approach to analog circuit design.

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  • Antelope MP8d

    Antelope MP8d is an eight-channel class-A microphone preamplifier, which boasts Antelope Audio's integrated world-class A/D conversion. Antelope’s converters are widely regarded for their naturally warm, yet sonically accurate sound signature. This classically rich, yet modernly precise sound is accomplished thanks to Antelope’s Acoustically Focused...

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  • Antelope R4S

    Antelope R4S provides engineers with ease and flexibility to control Satori remotely and allows for fast switching of the full set of options, including talkback via the built-in mic. R4S has a small footprint and ergonomic design, which makes it easy to fit in the often-limited space of the work desk.

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  • Antelope Satori

    Antelope Satori High-End Monitoring Controller, a digitally-controlled true analog monitoring and summing system with uncompromising sound quality.

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  • API 500 VPR

    The API Model 500VPR is powered externally by a tri-polar power supply and is designed to accept API standard format 5.25" X 1.5" modules. The 500VPR is internally wired for PIN 2 hot, and comes with the API L200PS. The input/output jacks are both XLRs. The 500VPR can hold up to ten API modules. API makes several modules to fit this rack, including the...

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  • API 500-8B

    The new API 500-8B is an 8-slot lunchbox & includes all of the features that have made the 6-slot lunchbox (500-6B) so well regarded in the industry, including DB-25 (D-Sub) connectors for easy I/O, universal power supply (100 or 250V, 47 to 63Hz), phantom power, and easy rack-mounting with optional rack-ear kit. Built for robust performance, with new...

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  • Aurora Audio GT4-2

    The Aurora Audio 4 band EQ GT4-2 features 30 selectable frequencies ranging from 33Hz to 15K. As expected, the GT4-2 is Class A discrete and features balanced transformer input and output. The transformers are made in the United Kingdom to Geoff Tanner’s exacting specifications by the old Marinar crew.

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  • Aurora Audio GT4-8

    Aurora Audio GT4-8 is an eight channel 4-band EQ with 5 HPF and 5 LPF, 3 Q settings for the 2 medium bands and 2 degrees of boost & attenuation of 8 and 18dB. An exceptional EQ, musical and versatile. The GT4-8 is also available in an active version with class-A amplifier stage and Marinair transformers: GT4-8 TRS

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  • Aurora Audio GT4-8 TRS

    Audio GT4-8 TRS is an eight channel full parametric, 4-band EQ with 5 HPF and 5 LPF, 3 Q settings for the 2 medium bands and 2 degrees of boost & attenuation of 8 and 18dB. An exceptional EQ, musical and versatile coming with amplifier stages and Marinar transformers. The GT4-8 TRS is also available in passive version: the GT4-8.

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  • Aurora Audio GT8x2 Absolute

    The Aurora Audio GT8x2 Absolute summing mixer is an 8 input, 2 output unit that enables the engineer to route line level signal where they need to, without sacrificing channels from the mixer. Each channel on the 8×2 Absolute has it’s own level control and pan, so you can determine the level and position in the stereo field.

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  • Aurora Audio GT8x8 Absolute10

    The Aurora Audio GT10x8 Absolute is an 10 input, 8 output Router that enables the engineer to route line level signal where they need to for their session. Each channel on the GT10x8 Absolute has it’s own input and output level control and pan, so you can determine the level and position in the stereo field (when you choose to use a send in stereo). Also...

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  • Aurora Audio GTC2

    What makes the Aurora audio GTC2 unique is that it features two separate and selectable compression circuits. The GTC2 features a FET circuit, a classic Opto circuit, and the ability to combine both in something we call “COMB” mode. The FET circuit is the slightly more aggressive of the two, but still incredibly musical. It has a harder knee that makes it...

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  • Aurora Audio GTP8

    Aurora Audio GTP8 8 channel preamplifier offers 8 paired channels and 8 DI, with +48V and phase reverse functions. The GTP8 comes with same Mic Pres than the famous GTQ2, globally recognized and acclaimed by engineers worldwide for their quality, low noise (-125dB), their 80dB input gain and original Marinair I/O transformers. The famous "British Sound"...

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  • Aurora Audio GTQ2

    Aurora audio GTQ2 MKIII is a 2 channel mic pre and DI, followed by a 3 band EQ. The class A mic pre stage offers 80dB of gain, the 10 megohm DI is the most silent and punchier you ever heard with a noise level of -125dB! Like all Aurora Audio products, the GTQ2 is equipped with Marinar transformers made by Geoff Tanner. An exceptional an unique machine!

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  • Aurora Audio GTQC

    With introduction of the GTC2, it seemed only natural to combine it with the GTQ2 and create a channel strip. That is exactly what Geoff Tanner decided to do. The GTQC was born.The Aurora Audio GTQC is quite literally one channel of the GTQ2 Preamp and one channel of the GTC2 Compressor. It all conveniently fits into a one rack space package that gives...

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  • Aurora Audio Sidecar Spare Channel

    Spare channel for the Aurora Audio Sidecar. A complete channel strip with Mic Pre / DI, 4 band parametric EQ, Pan and routing controls.

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  • Aurora Audio Stinger

    Aurora Audio stinger is the same Class A discrete preamp, three band equalizer (featuring selectable midrange) and DI found in the legendary GTQ2. From there, a 100 millimeter RS fader (optional P&G fader also available) is at your disposal to control the final output level. The 20 segment LED meter allows for easy monitoring of levels along with the...

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  • Bettermaker C502V

    Bettermaker will reveal a new product at the New York AES show: the C502V a two channel 3 in 1 analog 500 Series Compressor, The C502V which is a VCA type compressor with some unique features like M/S mode, Side-chain through USB, Undo fonction, selectable High-pass filters ...etc. All the modules parameters are can be controlled by the DAW (like all the...

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