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  • Overstayer Ampeq 02

    The Overstayer AMPEQ-02 is a dual discrete microphone/line/instrument amplifier, with a classic passive EQ section. It features transformer-coupled microphone input, line input, and line output connections, as well as harmonics control to manipulate the character of the 100% discrete signal path.

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  • Overstayer M-A-S 8101

    The Overstayer M-A-S was designed to be an analog ‘more’ control. More color, more harmonics, more tone. It gives you the harmonic character and peak rounding of classic recording and mixing chains in a simple, highly controllable rack-mount unit.

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  • Overstayer Saturator NT-02A

    The Saturator NT-02A by Overstayer Recording Equipment is the ultimate studio harmonics and distortion processor.  Overstayer brings a fresh approach to mix coloring, opening up a new world of sonic possibilities.  Great for coloring just about anything, like drums, loops, synths, bass, vocals or even an entire mix. The Saturator’s comprehensive controls...

    1 598,11 €
    1 331,76 €   tax excl.

  • Overstayer Stereo Field Effect 3706

    We love FET compression! In fact, some say we’re slightly obsessed with it. They might be right.The Overstayer Stereo Field Effect Model 3706 Limiter/Compressor is an evolution of our passion for FET compressors and classic analog recording chains. The Stereo Field Effect, or SFE, is a stereo unit with ganged controls that combines compression and...

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  • Overstayer Stereo Voltage Control 3722

    The Overstayer Stereo Voltage Control Model 3722 is like having an entire mixing signal chain in a single rack space. It goes beyond the capabilities of a typical compressor/limiter and enables new sonic possibilities while streamlining workflow.  The SVC 3722 combines the gain control and punch of VCA gain cells, the warmth and character of our discrete...

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