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  • Acme Opticom XLA-3 MKII

    The Acme Opticom XLA-3 MKII is an optical audio limiter built to exacting military-style specifications, designed to produce a full range of non-linear, dynamic audio effects.

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  • Alta Moda UNICOMP

    The Alta Moda Unicomp audio compressor combines the best features of both modern and classic audio compressors into a single, dual-mono unit.  At its heart is a unique gain cell/sidechain combination which gives the Unicomp its own distinctive sonic character.  The Unicomp’s comprehensive set of sidechain features gives it true versatility and accuracy...

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  • Bettermaker C502V

    Bettermaker will reveal a new product at the New York AES show: the C502V a two channel 3 in 1 analog 500 Series Compressor, The C502V which is a VCA type compressor with some unique features like M/S mode, Side-chain through USB, Undo fonction, selectable High-pass filters ...etc. All the modules parameters are can be controlled by the DAW (like all the...

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  • Bettermaker Mastering Limiter

    The Bettermaker Mastering Limiter is an analog stereo VCA Limiter for studio and broadcast featuring full analog signal path. The audio processing in the Mastering Limiter isn’t done by any digital hardware nor software, it is a DSP unit. Only the control of the parameters and on-board measuring tools are digital.   The Mastering Limiter offers two soft...

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  • Buzz Audio DBC-M

    Buzz Audio DBC-M mastering diode bridge compressor. Add some real vibe to your mastering project with this take on the vintage diode bridge compressor technique.

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  • Buzz Audio SOC 1.1

    The use of Light Dependent Resistors (LDR) as the control element of an audio compressor was pioneered in the 1960's and we are all aware of the value placed on those famous vintage "LA" units. The Buzz Audio SOC-1.1 was designed not to copy, but to take that signature and improve on it by offering the user more control. With 4 ratio settings, 3 attack...

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  • Buzz Audio SOC 20

    The Buzz Audio SOC-20 is a design extension of our original SOC-1.1 optical compressor featuring the same Differential Drive Side Chain design but a discrete Class A signal path, complete with Lundhal output transformers. Inspired by ideas from our users, we have incorporated a mid-side (or sum and difference) encoder and decoder. How this works is when...

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  • Gem Audio Labs Preceptor Model A

    Gem Audio Labs Preceptor Model-A ("A' for Aggressive) is a two-channel, class-A compressor/limiter. Gain reduction is handled by a discrete VCA design based on Zener diodes and bipolar transistors. There are 16 preciesly matched Zener diodes on board! The Gem Audio Labs Preceptor Model-A compressor/limiter looks right out of the early '70s. Its stepped...

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  • Gem Audio Labs Preceptor Model T

    Gem Audio Labs Preceptor Model-T (Transparent) is a two-channel, class-A compressor/limiter. Gain reduction is handled by a discrete VCA design based on Zener diodes and bipolar transistors. There are 16 precisely matched Zener diodes on board! The Gem Audio Labs Preceptor Model-T compressor/limiter looks right out of the early '70s. Its stepped knobs...

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  • Highland Dynamics BG2

    Write less automation. Find more enjoyment. The Highland Dynamics BG2 is an all-tube, fully transformer-balanced “very-mu” compressor with automatic leveling capability, but there’s much more to it than mere leveling. The BG2 is a marriage of classic tube compressor topologies. Its front end is in the style of a British-modified modified Altec 436 while...

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  • Inward Connections the Brute II

    The Brute is Inward Connections’ most popular offering to date.  It borrows the ultra-smooth opto-cell circuit of the flagship Vac Rac TSL-4 and pairs it with the VF600 discrete amp block, making the Brute a tremendous value.   It smoothly controls transients while adding vibe and character with an airy quality.  For 500 Series users it has become a near...

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  • Inward Connections TSL-4 VAC RAC

    Nearly two decades ago, Inward Connections created the TLM-1 (Tube Limiter Module) for their Vac Rac modular processing system. The TLM-1 was highly favored by many of the world’s top recording engineers and when the modular Vac Rac was discontinued, the TLM-1 topology found life as a new standalone, dual-channel unit. Thus, the TSL series was born.The...

  • Inward Connections TSL-5

    The Inward Connections TSL-5 is the latest incarnation of the classic Inward Connections Vac Rac limiter design. This limited edition unit adds new features to the previous TSL models without altering the core sonic signature engineers have come to revere – Smooth, optical limiting presented with the euphonic character and warmth of tubes. The TSL-5 adds...

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  • Locomotive Audio 14B

    Locomotive Audio's single channel 14B compressor and limiter is based on a very old, but still very exciting concept of rebiasing the input tube with a side-chain control voltage. After all, some of the most famous compressors in history, such as the Fairchild 670, Gates Sta-Level and Collins 26U, employed this very technique. The results are a sound that...

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  • Looptrotter Emperor Limiter

    Looptrotter EMPEROR LIMITER is an analog dynamics processor, which depending on the settings can work as a compressor, limiter or harmonics distortion generator. It was designed for creating the original, vivid, analog sound for instruments, subgroups, the whole mix and mastering. 

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  • Looptrotter Monster

    MONSTER COMPRESSOR consists of three independent devices of an original design in one piece:• compressor/limiter• tube saturation• mixer of dry and wet signal.The combination of those modules gave the creative tool with great versatility, able to:• compress and warm up the tracks• process the subgroups• master Monster Compressor is a device with a...

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  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

    Shadow Hills Industries has created Mastering Compressor so that you can get world-class dynamics control, with the sonic versatility to shape your sound via switchable output transformers. To start with, the Mastering Compressor sports stereo and dual-mono modes to fit any application, and separate Optical and Discrete compression sections for two-stage...

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  • Vertigo Sound VSC-2

    VSC-2 Quad Discrete CompressorThe first product from Vertigo Sound is the VSC-2, a.k.a. Quad Discrete Compressor. It is so named, because it uses 4 VCAs built by hand using only discrete components. Its design is a nod toward the best VCA based compressors of the 70s and 80s.The Vertigo VCA is in fact named 1979. Some of the best features of these classic...

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