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    Welcome the perfect addition to your Kii THREE speakers!The Kii CONTROL turns the Kii THREE into a complete playback system of highest sonic quality and usability. It offers a user interface for your speakers and works like a digital preamplifier. Only connect your analog source, CD player/drive, server, streamer, TV set or set top box to enjoy a...

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  • Kii Three (Single)

    The Secret of Big SpeakersKii’s mission for the THREE was to break the sonic mould of compact speakers. Powerful small speakers with deep bass have been around for a while now but none so far sounded like a big speaker. The THREE is built to fix that. Basic acoustics tells us that a classic box speaker only directs sound towards the listeners from the...

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  • Kii THREE Custom Colors

    The Kii THREE colorsThe Kii THREE comes in two standard color schemes from 2017 on. High Gloss White and Graphite Satin Metallic. Any custom color can be ordered at a surcharge. To perfectly fit the Kii THREE into your living room, you can choose any color that suits your taste. You have a choice of finish between high gloss, matt or metallic. The brushed...

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