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The Tornade (Tornado) ES-Series Stereo Bus Compressor is based on Solid State technology.

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It is hand crafted in France and assembled with selected extreme quality components.

Front and rear aluminum brushed anodized panels with painted engravings.

It is very effective to raise the average level and brings an incredible punch as well on a full mix, instruments or voices BUS.

It also tends to magnify the sound and expand the stereo image, while being very musical.

In addition to the traditional controls of a compressor, the ES-Series Stereo Bus Compressor provides a sidechain filter (low-cut) with variable frequency, a 'Dry to mix' feature (for parallel compression) and an external Sidechain.

• True hardware Bypass
• Attack times: 0.1ms, 0.3ms, 1ms, 3ms, 10ms, 30ms
• Release times: 0.1s, 0.3s, 0.6s, 1.2s, 2.4s,  Auto
• Ratios: 2 :1, 4 :1, 10 :1
• Makeup gain: 0 to 15dB
• Sidechain filters: Off, 60Hz, 90Hz, 130Hz, 200Hz & 300Hz (low-cut filter of 6dB/oct)
• Dry to Mix feature or parallel compression
• Input impedance: 50kO (balanced)
• Output impedance: 100O (balanced)
• Signal to noise ratio: <83dBu (RMS, unweighted, 20Hz-20kHz)
• Vishay potentiometers

TypeVCA Compressor
ApplicationTracking & Mixing
CircuitSolid State
Inout transformer(s)N/A
Output transformer(s)N/A
Chassis2 U

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Tornade ES-SERIES BUS Compressor

Tornade ES-SERIES BUS Compressor

The Tornade (Tornado) ES-Series Stereo Bus Compressor is based on Solid State technology.