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The Overstayer AMPEQ-02 is a dual discrete microphone/line/instrument amplifier, with a classic passive EQ section. It features transformer-coupled microphone input, line input, and line output connections, as well as harmonics control to manipulate the character of the 100% discrete signal path.

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The Overstayer AMPEQ-02 combines a world-class discrete mic preamp, line amp, and DI, with proprietary harmonics processing and ultra-smooth two-band vintage-style passive EQ. This collection of features allows users to bring a veritable palette of analog colors into the clinical digital recording realm.

More than just another preamp/EQ combo, the AMPEQ-02's integrated harmonics section allows the user to dial in exactly how much color and character is desired on any source. Whether adding punch to drums, giving apparent loudness to guitars, crunching out basses and synths, or even subtly shaping the mix bus, the AMPEQ-02's simple controls can harness the tonal complexity of just about anything.

Selects between LINE (button in) and MIC (button out) input. Inserting a 1/4" plug into the DI jack automatically switches the source to DI regardless of the setting.

Engages a 20 dB pad on the MIC or LINE input.

Flips the polarity of the signal on the MIC or LINE input.

Sets the amount of gain of the MIC/LINE amplifier.

Attenuator sets the final output level.

The Harmonics circuitry allows the pre to have 3 different characters. Harmonics out is the cleanest, with the most headroom and lowest harmonic distortion. HARM 2 creates stronger 2nd-order harmonic. HARM 3 creates stronger 3rd-order harmonic. Both modes soft clip and can reduce peaks while increasing apparent volume.

Sets the amount of low boost at the selected frequency (30, 60, or 100 Hz).

Sets the amount of low frequency attenuation at the selected frequency (50 Hz or 100 Hz), can be used in conjunction with the LF BOOST to create mid band cuts.

Sets the amount of high boost at the selected frequency (4 KHz, 8 KHz, or 12 KHz). Pulling this control out BYPASSES the EQ.

Engages phantom power to the microphone input.

Condition New
Type Channel Strip
Application Tracking & Mixing
Channels Dual Mono
Circuit Solid State
Format 19"
Chassis 1 U
Quantity 1

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