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  • Aurora Audio GT8x8 Absolute Aurora Audio GT8x8 Absolute
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    Aurora Audio GT8x8 Absolute10

    The Aurora Audio GT10x8 Absolute is an 10 input, 8 output Router that enables the engineer to route line level signal where they need to for their session. Each channel on the GT10x8 Absolute has it’s own input and output level control and pan, so you can determine the level and position in the stereo field (when you choose to use a send in stereo). Also...

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  • Henry Engineering AES Digital DA 2X4 Henry Engineering AES Digital DA 2X4
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    Henry Engineering AES Digital DA 2X4

    Henry Engineering AES Digital DA 2X4 is a distribution system for digital audio signals. It can accept either an AES or S/PDIF digital audio stream, and create four identical AES outputs. The AES DA is 100% bit-accurate and transparent to the source, adding absolutely no delay or latency to the signal. The AES input and all four AES outputs are...

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  • Henry Engineering Patchbox II Henry Engineering Patchbox II
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    Henry Engineering Patchbox II

    Henry Engineering Patchbox II is a "must have" for your gadget bag! It's a splitter that can take the output of a mixer, and split it into 12 different outputs. It's perfect for remotes, when you need to feed a mixer to a PA system, tape decks, studio link, telco coupler, etc. Patchbox II is passive; it needs no batteries or power. Henry Engineering...

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  • Henry Engineering U.S.D.A.2x4 Henry Engineering U.S.D.A.2x4
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    Henry Engineering U.S.D.A.2x4

    Henry Engineering U.S.D.A. (Utility Summing & Distribution Amplifier) is a unique 2x4 mini-DA that can be used to combine or split audio signals for distribution. It can be used as a 1x4 or 2x4 DA in stereo or mono. There are 2 inputs (1 stereo pair) and 4 outputs (2 stereo pairs). Front panel “Stereo/Mono” switches select either a stereo or mono...

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