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Antelope Audio has a strong background in digital audio equipment manufacturing. We are dedicated to helping people achieve high-definition sound both in the recording studio and home environment.

We pioneered the adoption of Atomic clock generators in Audio Master Clocks. Now we implement pro audio technologies in a product line of USB D/A conve...

Antelope Audio has a strong background in digital audio equipment manufacturing. We are dedicated to helping people achieve high-definition sound both in the recording studio and home environment.

We pioneered the adoption of Atomic clock generators in Audio Master Clocks. Now we implement pro audio technologies in a product line of USB D/A converters (DACs), targeting both audiophiles and professionals.

Antelope audio's digital audio gear cater both for the professional and audiophile community, providing high-definition audio thanks to the proprietary 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) and Oven Controlled Jitter management.

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  • Antelope 10MX

    Antelope 10MX Rubidium Atomic Clock multiple 10MHz outputs and an ultra-stable Word Clock signal in just 1U rack space. 10MX is the newest and the premier member of the Isochrone family. It features technologies from two of Antelope's legendary products. The atomic precision of the 10M and the sophisticated jitter-management algorithm of Trinity are...

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  • Antelope Eclipse 384

    Antelope Eclipse 384 is an advanced 384 kHz A/D & D/A converter clocked by Antelope's renowned 64-bit technology and a flexible monitoring system that creates a technological synergy by combining the most prominent Antelope's innovations. It provides mastering and mixing engineers an unprecedented level of productivity, sound quality and ease of use.

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  • Antelope Goliath

    Antelope Goliath Thunderbolt, USB and MADI Audio Interface with 16 Mic Pres. Antelope Audio has packed more than 20 years’ experience in digital audio, clocking and analog circuit development into an impressive, amazing-sounding and versatile, professional audio interface – Goliath. The blazing-fast Thunderbolttm , USB, and MADI I/O houses a total of 36...

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  • Antelope Goliath HD

    Antelope GOLIATH HD World's Most Powerful Interface now Pro Tools HD & Native ready plus the full line of FPGA real-time vintage AFXNeedless to say Goliath HD is armed with the full Antelope Audio arsenal of hardware-based FPGA FX. These include the most authentic and realistic zero latency Vintage EQs, Compressors and guitar amp & cabinet models...

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  • Antelope Isochrone Trinity

    Antelope audio Isochrone Trinity is a master clock that stands out. Universal high-definition master clock employing Antelope's 4th Generation of Acoustically Focused Clocking with 64-bit Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and up to 384 kHz audio streaming. In the fickle world of Audio & Video formats, Trinity is the Master Clock that stands out from the...

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  • Antelope LiveClock

    MEET ANTELOPE AUDIO’S PORTABLE CLOCKDigital perfection and analog detail in the most elegant portable clock on the market. For over a decade now Antelope Audio has been setting new standards in the studio master clocks market. Antelope portable audio master clock, the LiveClock, is unique in terms of size, sound quality and price. Packed in a robust...

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  • Antelope MP32

    Antelope MP32 32-channel Microphone Preamp, integrated software remote control, exciting new approach to analog circuit design perfectly Matching Orion32 Audio Intreface. MP32 is a 32-channel console-grade microphone preamp with integrated software remote control and Antelope Audio's exciting new approach to analog circuit design.

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  • Antelope MP8d

    Antelope MP8d is an eight-channel class-A microphone preamplifier, which boasts Antelope Audio's integrated world-class A/D conversion. Antelope’s converters are widely regarded for their naturally warm, yet sonically accurate sound signature. This classically rich, yet modernly precise sound is accomplished thanks to Antelope’s Acoustically Focused...

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  • Antelope OCX HD

    Antelope OCX HD 768 kHz HD Master Clock raises the bar yet again, delivering sample rate support of up to 768 kHz, Antelope’s best-in-class 4th generation Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management algorithm and oven-controlled crystal oscillator. 

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  • Antelope Orion 32 HD

    Antelope Audio Orion32 HD is the newest addition to the Orion family. Compatible with any DAW on the market via HDX port or USB 3.0, this new Pro Tools HD and Native interface offers everything Antelope Audio stands for. Zero latency Monitoring, I/O streaming of 64-channel 192 kHz audio, Antelope’s industry-leading clocking, and pristine AD/DA conversion....

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  • Antelope Orion 32+

    Antelope Audio Orion32+ 32-channel AD/DA Interface with AFC Clocking Technology. Now artists and recording engineers have nothing standing in-between their musical vision and pure, authentic sonic integrity...

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  • Antelope Orion Studio

    Antelope Orion Studio Thunderbolt™ and USB Audio Interface with 12 mic pres bringing the ultimate in flexibility and sonic integrity to a demanding new generation of recording engineers and musicians

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  • Antelope Orion Studio HD

    ORION STUDIO GOES HDOrion Studio HD – with HDX & USB 3.0 connectivity, massive Real-Time FPGA FX library and our high-end clocking and conversionOrion Studio HD is the newest star in an already established line of top audio interfaces. Now with HDX connectivity it’s a preferred choice for the higher level Pro Tools setups. With extended analog I/O, 12...

  • Antelope Orion32

    Antelope Orion32 est à la fois un convertisseur audio AD/DA de 32 canaux doté d'une horloge maîtresse, supportant à la fois le format MADI et les interfaces USB, une synchro parfaite est assurée par le système renommé d'Antelope : 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) technology.

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  • Antelope Pure2

    Antelope Audio Pure2 Mastering AD/DA Converter & Clock, a mastering-grade 24/192 kHz AD/DA stereo converter and master clock with a relay-controlled volume attenuator.

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  • Antelope R4S

    Antelope R4S provides engineers with ease and flexibility to control Satori remotely and allows for fast switching of the full set of options, including talkback via the built-in mic. R4S has a small footprint and ergonomic design, which makes it easy to fit in the often-limited space of the work desk.

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  • Antelope Satori

    Antelope Satori High-End Monitoring Controller, a digitally-controlled true analog monitoring and summing system with uncompromising sound quality.

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  • Antelope Z-Rack

    Antelope Z-RACK Rack Mounting Kit let you easily mount or remove it from a rack Z-Rack allows for easy and fast rack-mounting of your Zen Studio audio interface. Now you can install Zen Studio permanently in your studio or put it in a rack case together with your live rig. Alternatively, just simply take it off the rack when you want to grab it for a...

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  • Antelope Zen Studio

    Antelope Zen Studio is the professional, portable audio interface with the most competitive analog and digital connectivity. The 12 world-class mic pres, Antelope's signature clocking, the on-board DSP effects with multiple monitor mixers and the proprietary low-latency USB connectivity make Zen a world-class mobile recording system, that can easily fit...

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  • Antelope Zen Tour

    Antelope Zen Tour Portable Thunderbolt is a king among portable tabletop interfaces with its astounding number of analog and digital I/O and integrated hardware-based FPGA effects. A portable interface to grow with!

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