• Cabine Insonorisée Studio sur mesure

    The displayed price includes shipping charges to France, Germany  Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Luxembourg. The Studio range isolate cabins with integrated acoustic treatments offers high performances with a premium finish. The soundproof Studio booth is fully removable, transportable, immediately operational after installation, without the need of...

    5 230,00 €
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  • Soundproof Box Silent Box A 1000

    Silent Box 250 is the ideal solution for soundproofing small devices like NAS, external hard drives and any other small noisy device. This box can be placed on an office corner or below it, without causing too much inconvenience. The smallest model available. Power: 250 Watts The displayed price includes shipping costs for France, Belgium, Luxembourg and...

    814,17 €
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  • Looptrotter Emperor Limiter

    Looptrotter EMPEROR LIMITER is an analog dynamics processor, which depending on the settings can work as a compressor, limiter or harmonics distortion generator. It was designed for creating the original, vivid, analog sound for instruments, subgroups, the whole mix and mastering. 

    2 370,00 €
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