• Soundproof Box Silent Box A 1000

    Silent Box 250 is the ideal solution for soundproofing small devices like NAS, external hard drives and any other small noisy device. This box can be placed on an office corner or below it, without causing too much inconvenience. The smallest model available. Power: 250 Watts The displayed price includes shipping costs for France, Belgium, Luxembourg and...

    900,00 €
      No tax

  • Looptrotter Emperor Limiter

    Looptrotter EMPEROR LIMITER is an analog dynamics processor, which depending on the settings can work as a compressor, limiter or harmonics distortion generator. It was designed for creating the original, vivid, analog sound for instruments, subgroups, the whole mix and mastering. 

    2 370,00 €
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  • Sonnet Echo Express SEI PCIe Thunderbolt 3

    Connect a Full-Height, Half-Length+ PCIe Card to Computers Without Expansion Slots PCIe Card and Notebook IconsAre you in the market for a new computer? It’s amazing how much processing power the latest ultra-light notebooks, small form factor computers, and all-in-one desktop computers pack in such small and thin enclosures. But, thinness comes with a...

    315,83 €
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  • Switchcraft 9625

    Switchcraft's StudioPatch 9625 is designed to fit seamlessly into either an analog or digital studio environment. The StudioPatch 9625 simply connects to I/O interfaces with common DB25 cables. The StudioPatch 9625 is conveniently laid out with two groups of 24 channels of TT (Bantam) jacks. Each group of eight has its own in and out DB25. Depending on...

    1 079,00 €
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  • F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ

    Surgical dynamic equalizer with 6 floating, fully-adjustable parametric filter bands, advanced EQ and compression/expansion controls per band, mid-side processing options and more. The ultimate problem-solving EQ, F6 can be used for diverse equalization, compression, expansion and de-essing processes, whether you’re mixing or mastering, in the studio or...

    25,33 €
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  • Classical Rack Plus

    Wooden straight angle classic rack with solid wood fields finish. A capacity of 4 to 16 rack units for 19" format outboard.The price includes shipping charges to France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, & Itally.

    253,33 €
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  • Aurora Audio Sidecar full options

    Aurora Audio Sidecar full options version is now available ! The Aurora Sidecar can now be obtained, not only with pre-fade balanced insertions on channel outputs and master stereo outputs, but with a full monitoring controller section added to the standard Aurora Audio Sidecar. The ultimate has arrived: The Aurora Sidecar. Fifty years of electronic...

    25 853,79 €
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  • Teknosign Hybrid Patchbay Male & femelle XLR

    Teknosign Patchbay offering 16 channels in a 1 rack unit chassis with male & female XLR connectors on the front and D-SUB 25, standard Tascam format, on the back panel, to connect easily and quickly your outboards, for a very affordable price.

    299,00 €
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